Full Membership now only £495!

New Membership Rates for 2018/19

Just £495.00 for full membership from April 2018. Join now and get February and March for free!


Full: £495.00

Husband/Wife: £925.00

Under 25’s: £250.00

Under 30’s: £375.00

Intro Membership: £200.00/£215.00 (Available for first year only)

Corporate: £1500 Plus VAT

Junior 16-18: £95

Junior Under 16: Free


Intro membership is based on an annual payment of £200.00 which is held as “golf credits”.

Each time you play, credits are drawn down from your account and a full record of your rounds played is updated in the Pro Shop.

These credits range in value each time you play depending on the time of day, week and year, with winter golf as low as £9.00 and peak Saturday morning rounds currently £15.00. When you use the full £200.00 value, you can ‘top up’ your account at any time. 

Intro membership provides full membership benefits with handicaps, competition entries (excluding majors) and other member privileges. Other golf related purchases can be made in the pro shop.

In recent years there is an increasing appreciation of the health benefits of playing golf.  Moderate exercise and the mental application required are recognised for extending life expectancy. For further information on this check out the link; http://www.golfandhealth.org/